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Bc Arms ballistic plates patrol a - size m

Ballistic plate from BC ARMS created primarily with uniformed service officers in mind. When designing it, the key parameters for confident daily use were taken into account, namely low weight with adequate ballistic protection. At about 600 g, it provides ballistic protection against 9x19 mm bullets up to 420 m/s and 7.62x25 mm bullets up to 550 m/s. Which is equivalent to the IIIA+ and K2 standards.

The plate is created and complies with the SAPI - Small Arms Protection Insert standard. This means that it will fit perfectly with Plate Carrier vests. The profile of the plate itself is multi-faceted, which improves its fit for most types of silhouettes. Relative to the calibers tested on it, the plate showed a deflection of less than 20 mm, which should minimize negative side effects from being hit.


  • Ballistic plate that meets the equivalent of IIIA+ and K2 standards.
  • Ballistic material from Honeywell
  • Soft coverage and edge on the body side
  • Weight at approximately 600 g
  • Deflection when hit at a level of less than 20 mm
  • Compliant with the SAPI standard
  • Will work especially well with Plate Carrier vests
  • M size plate


Technische test fiche verkrijgbaar op vraag.



Prijs : 335 euro / plate